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Back in Action! [Jun. 15th, 2006|09:32 pm]
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Well it has been a crazy two years, but I am now back in school. Yay! Unfortunately, my time off did not completely fix the world as I intended. The one thing I can say is that I still have my health. Now to just maintain earning money and plodding through my EE degree, and hoping that I can avoid unrequited love at all costs.
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still alive [May. 27th, 2004|12:22 am]
[Current Mood |sleepysleepy]
[Current Music |Blue Man Group's "Up To The Roof"]

Let us ponder the recent events and realize just what is happening to me. My father raised me with the ideals of a knight. Albeit, my chivalry is some what chasened by the chauvenistic overtones in today's world. IT is really ennoying b/c girls are weirded out when I open the door for them. Guys are not. Nobility is not acting greater than everyone else. Nobility stems from its root word: noble. Treating others with respect and acting as you are responsible for all people falls under the purview of being noble. A noble, a true noble is self-sacrificing. Such can be the sense of anyone in this day of age. Why do the people of this age hold back? A utopian society can not even start if a few are not willing to make the first sacrifices. If to sacrifice everying for society is noble then, being able to survive and still be able to help others is heroic. When my father forged me to be noble, I had the intent to become a hero. I have always been surounded by images and stories of heroes. That alone has held my intrige more than anything else. Look at my favorite video games. They are not the faceless "shoot-'em-ups". They are rather the Story based RPG/Adventure games. When I was in 5th and 6th my favorite books to read were the Greek myths. I never could take books with talking animals and other such "childness". In every hero story there is a decent. Mine started last fall. Hopefully I have crossed the next to last guardian this week. Hopefulkly tomorrow I can Narfle the Garthock (thank you "Cone-Heads"). Wish me luck...
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Must wake up! [Apr. 15th, 2004|12:09 pm]
[Current Mood |determined]
[Current Music |The Matrix Revolutions soundtrack]

Okjayh now the lot has been cast and the cross-roads have been encoutnered again. I can not live in squalor anymore. The pathways of my destiny are my choice to make, once more. Some say, "well duh that is the way it is all the time." I do not thing they understand the gravity of the things of which i speak. This world is closing in on me right now. The noose is set. Those who believe pray. Those who don't watch out. It is time for the new me all over again.
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My Hair!!! [Apr. 15th, 2004|11:39 am]
[Current Mood |angryangry]
[Current Music |The Matrix Revolutions soundtrack]

Argh!! NO!!! My boss has told me just yesterday at work that I have to cut my hair!!! NO!!! It is not even my boss's fault. His boss is the one being a pain in the neck. Why the hair!! I might as well take care of it as soon as possible... But my long hair has defined me for so long now... I almost can have taht cool boshido look going. ERG!!!
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*Partial Loser List: I* [Mar. 30th, 2004|11:59 am]
Go ahaed and call it a pity party... I can cry if want to...

*Been stood up on two blind dates (that's right, the girl did not even show up)

*Every girl I know has let me know that they would never want to go out with... ever...

*Can (through experience) state: I can not get a girl friend even for a day even if I bought one... (long story...)

*I have the anti-persoanl aura, not "babe-magnetism"

*I am used as a transitional "friend" b/c I have two open ears and a lot of time on my hands (after the transition is over I am cast aside like a pair of old shoes)

*If girls either go for looks or personality it is appearent I have neither

*I AM the "Walking Doormat"

*I can not be a chronic jerk (my nice side always screws me over)

*I seem to do nothing but treat people the best I can

*As often as people go on dates or find out about crushes on them, I "help" people in need (even to my own detriment at times)
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Insomnia? [Mar. 20th, 2004|05:25 am]
[Current Mood |complacentcomplacent]

Interestingly enough, I may suffer from inhereting insomnia from my grandmother. My friends all ahve ahd their bout of no sleep for days on end. I have absolutly no reason not to sleep though. It is spring break... Yet, I wake up at 8am each morning (I almost wish it were 6am that way i could run and ect). The worst part is I know I am too tired to go for a run now. I want to. If nothing else to help me unwind a little. I used Outland (the local goth club) and Skully's (local music bar with ladies' night and 80's music on thrudays) to help let loose and decompress. I need to find a way to get that same feelign outsider hte confines of a place with loud music pumping and with alchohol flowing. Some may say that is my only way to meet people though. If it is then I am SOL with meeting either a possible g/f or any friends b/c I literally say "hi" and people walk away form me. I don't smell bad (at least my friends do not comment). I think the answer is simple and not good: many girls (all people actually) are shallow and I am ugly, for those that stillcling to the idea that they don't date for looks see me to have a disgusting personality. On both fronts I have been attacked. Those taht wish to prove me wrong go ahead. Be warned: My arguements have been built up for over two decades. I should know if I am or am not a loser... (I am a Loser, btw: more to follow so as I can let you know what some of this evidence is).
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Sake [Mar. 17th, 2004|02:50 am]
Well, I have to admit while I do not partake of the normal alcoholic beverages for my fore-bearers, I am still susceptable to certain forms of that combustable molecule. Sake is my flavor of drink...

I guess it really has it hold on me from the movie Kill Bill (you know when Uma Thurman orders warm sake from the sword-smith). But now it has me enjoying it more than I should normally.. To break this cycle started by my grandfather is my greatest challenge so far. I am at the edge of crossing between a drunkard and a great man... If only I would choose correctly everytime...
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Murder in the First degree; Victim: TIME [Mar. 13th, 2004|07:11 pm]
Interestingly enough I find the intervals between waking and sleeping just one more excuse to look forward to the next day. Luckily when this is the case, I find the days get worse and worse. Trivial things like being cut off by ten drivers lands me counter the number of drivers who cut me off. The result: the number increase day by day. Why? Many of you have heard of my "special powers" most of my friends have watched these powers work first on a first hand basis. There is a price you know. The world hates me. Not God, the world. Why? B/c I am striving to be the anti-pode I guess. Where everyone states that you need a job and a spouse to go through life, I have found that to be false. Even with a job as secure as, say, engineering, the world still reserves the right to say, "no!" Examples? Let us take my father. Those of you know read the bio I wrote know that I never knew what my state of affairs was going to be five years into the future. It was not his fault. The world knows who it wants to stay in one place and have something to be happy about. I am not one of those people. Besides, happiness is over rated. I prefer the nectar of joy. This joy is the only vehicle that can keep one from going into depression from not being around people. Happiness generally requires something to be happy about. I don't like that I idea. If that was the case, I would rent out a cheering section and have them "make me happy" the rest of my life. Joy does not necessarily require pretense past a clear (or clouded) conscience. Clear of guilt, or clouded from guilt, one can let themselves fall into the ambrosia of life (talk with me personally if you don't know what I use).

MMmmmm... random thought blurb... btw this is all to kill time waiting for peeps to get back from a hockey game to see a movie.
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{Hello World} [Mar. 10th, 2004|12:22 am]
Nerdom abounds in antics with all of its great complexities. As the title suggest this is just my first shout out to using this "thing" as suggested by one of my friends. Personal life? HAH!! I am the ever great ferret of dance. There is no way any personal life I will have will be consistent. Things change week by week and what one man knows of me this second will be dynamically outsourced to the trash bin in two more clicks. Mwahaha. Life is a dance. As the song goes "And If I had the chance/ to ask the world to dance/ I'd still be dancing with myself." Yes I like dancing to the 80's at Skully's on high st on thursday nights. The fact that it is ladies' night only means that my friends will try and go with me so they can "get lucky." I still do not think they know that since I am un-forgivably removed from the gene-pool (not through physical handicap mind you) for being a nerd they better not think that they can "get lucky" when I am around. their best bet is to have me drive them there, then not associate with me the rest of the night. This is coming from the man who is able to make Goth-Freaks run away. At any rate, "Hello World" and all you weirdos out there!!
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