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Murder in the First degree; Victim: TIME - arnoksos [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Murder in the First degree; Victim: TIME [Mar. 13th, 2004|07:11 pm]
Interestingly enough I find the intervals between waking and sleeping just one more excuse to look forward to the next day. Luckily when this is the case, I find the days get worse and worse. Trivial things like being cut off by ten drivers lands me counter the number of drivers who cut me off. The result: the number increase day by day. Why? Many of you have heard of my "special powers" most of my friends have watched these powers work first on a first hand basis. There is a price you know. The world hates me. Not God, the world. Why? B/c I am striving to be the anti-pode I guess. Where everyone states that you need a job and a spouse to go through life, I have found that to be false. Even with a job as secure as, say, engineering, the world still reserves the right to say, "no!" Examples? Let us take my father. Those of you know read the bio I wrote know that I never knew what my state of affairs was going to be five years into the future. It was not his fault. The world knows who it wants to stay in one place and have something to be happy about. I am not one of those people. Besides, happiness is over rated. I prefer the nectar of joy. This joy is the only vehicle that can keep one from going into depression from not being around people. Happiness generally requires something to be happy about. I don't like that I idea. If that was the case, I would rent out a cheering section and have them "make me happy" the rest of my life. Joy does not necessarily require pretense past a clear (or clouded) conscience. Clear of guilt, or clouded from guilt, one can let themselves fall into the ambrosia of life (talk with me personally if you don't know what I use).

MMmmmm... random thought blurb... btw this is all to kill time waiting for peeps to get back from a hockey game to see a movie.