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20 October
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A mini-biography they suggest... Here goes...
Short version:
Born in 1982, die sometime inthe nxt ten years (50% probability)
not so short version:
Born in Grants New Mexico where my father worked at a plutonium enrichment facility. Shortly there after Nuclear projects across the nation broke down and my father was SOL in the middle of Nowhere New Mexico. Luckily he got a job at a chemical refinery in Las Vegas (let us hear it for engineers and their adaptability) refining rocket fuel. My father then gets transfered to texas (I was int eh 1st grade by this time) where my family spent seven years in a little town called Portland. Some of the locals were not too nice (hence some of my weird tendacies to not trust people in general). It took me a long to time to get a handfull of friends who would not make fun of me all the time. Well 6 years in my maother dies and a year later the plant my father is bought out and all but two workers are laid off. They gave a nice pension. During these years I began my education in late night MTV, namely Beavis and Butthead and The Maxx. My father then got another job (project engineering) with a company that throws him out to Pennsylvania, literally marrying on the move over. We spent three years (roughly) there. In the first year of staying there my father finishes his contract early and gets stranded job-wise in PA b/c the company did not want to move him back to headquarters. In these days I managed to get soem mroe interests finalized. Met some mroe good friends. Then I had to say good beye as my fatehr gets another job: Shift Manager ina Steel mill in Ohio. This move was not as bad b/c I watched a lot of starwars and read a lot of those left behind books (let us hear it for imersing oneself in uplifting symbolic literature). Well more fiends get met school finally calls me the genious that my mother and father both tell me I am and stuff happened landing me at OSU. So here I am in Columbus.

The Long Bio: